A Janus View

As I begin my third year teaching Digital Storytelling in the Discovery Education/Wilkes U. instructional media program, I find myself in a god Janus kind of mood: looking forward and backward at the same time. I feel confident that the almost three hundred students I have had contact with have taken away something they can use. I know I have. From technical tricks like separating audio from video in Movie Maker for a cut-away (http://screenr.com/yiM – thanks, Deb Thonus! ) or creative takes on assignments like oranges escaping the juicer and a one person in both roles interview with Cleopatra, I have been inspired by my students’ creativity and ingenuity. And I am thrilled to think of what they bring to the students in their classes and the colleagues they share with.
This should be another inspiring year as pocket camcorders become even more common and software programs like Apple’s iMovie 11 make telling a visual story so easy and so polished. In addition to another year of great classes, I’m also looking forward to spending a few days in Florida next week at FETC with fellow Wilkes instructors Kathy Schrock, Steve Dembo and Lance Rougeux. If you’re there too, keep an eye out for us and say hello.


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  1. Brad Steigerwalt said:

    Joe, keep up the great work with the class! It was great last semester!

    Oh, and have fun in Florida!

  2. Laura Joy said:

    Joe, you and Frank Guttler were the most influencial people in my filmmaking knowledge and skill sets, inspiring me to dig deeper and do better, and going above and beyond to give me the tips and tricks I needed to improve. Yes, the 300+ students you have had have benefitted, and many more will throughout the years. Hopefully more, like Brad, will remind you that what you do matters. We’re equipped to use filmmaking with our students in a variety of ways. I would love to use the AFI Door Scene with my English II kids! Any suggestions?

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