Meet our new DEN Account Manager

In a recent email interview, Cynthia Brown answered a few questions drafted by MD LC member Fred Delventhal –

Meet Cynthia Brown!

1. Where are you from? I am from Delaware County, Pennsylvania
2. Were you a teacher? What did you teach? I was a Social Studies teacher; I taught Economics, Government, Recent American History, and Ancient World History. While I love all of the subjects I taught, I had a true passion for making my economics and government courses relevant and engaging. My goal was to give my 12th graders the knowledge and skills needed to become self-directed learners and informed citizens. With that said, I hope to have the opportunity to work with Maryland teachers and help them do the same.
3. Pets, children, spouse? in order of importance 😉 I am getting married in August! For now, no pets or children.
4. Tell us an interesting fact about you that people don’t know. I love to run; I feel so much more energized and motivated on days that I get a run in. I’ll run in rain and snow, hot and cold weather. I have run several half marathons and I completed my first marathon in Philadelphia this past November.
5. Favorite show on Discovery of all time? Favorite show currently on any of the Discovery Networks. My favorite show of all times was Trading Spaces. Currently, there are lots of shows I love: Myth Busters; What Not to Wear; and Say Yes to the Dress!
6. Something cool about DE streaming that you think teachers overlook or under use? I think teachers sometimes overlook the learning potential of My Classrooms and the Builder Tools for providing differentiated instruction and allowing students to become content creators.
7. What presence can people expect from Discovery Education at MSET? This is still in the planning process but I will definitely be delivering a few sessions.
8. iOS or Android or Blackberry? iOS!
9. Mac or PC – Became a Mac user about a month ago, and I absolutely love it.
10. Can we contact you? If so what’s the best way, Facebook, Twitter, or email? Sure! Email me at, or follow me on Twitter @cbrown426

Thanks Fred for the blog post idea.

We all welcome Cynthia and look forward to working with her.


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  1. William Daisey said:

    Dear Cynthia,
    congratulations on your new position and your upcoming marriage.
    I am a retired teacher of 34 years and I have a great interest in learning all I can. I recently became a Hosparus volunteer and I will become a compassionate companion to a Hospice patient who is terminally ill. I always have known
    that new knowledge (Discovery education) will help me in my relations with everyone.
    I do exercise. I am impressed with your running marathons and running no matter the weather. I am sure your fiance is lucky to have found you.
    God Bless!
    Bill Daisey (Mr. D.)

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