Top Ten Free Science Resources from Discovery Education: DEN SCIcon with Lance Rougeux

Lance Rougeux is hosting a collaborative sharing of free science resources from DE with the winners of the Siemens Challenge 2010. At the halfway mark, we begin with the Top 10. Lance stated that there are many partnerships between Discovery and global resources, but these 10 provide labs and interactive educational resources. You can find all the Top Ten resources aggregated here. From the chat room, here are more free DE resources. The sessions and resources and archives for all these sessions will appear here.

Siemens We Can Change The World is a powerful and effective challenge for K-12 that can affect humanity at a global level. The contest deadline is March 15, 2011, and offers true inquiry-based learning. This team chose vehicle idling as a nonconventional topic because as Yash stated, “everyone does it.” The team in Michigan began a grass-roots level in the community with the goal of making their state idle free.

The prizes and opportunities were incredible, including a visit to the United Nations, where they presented to this organization, as well as meeting President Obama. What made their prize-winning entry truly inquiry-based learning was the question they sought to answer: how can we make Michigan idle free? The Siemens challenge prompted them to find an answer. It also provided self-directed learning and gave these students incredible empowerment. Thank you, Discovery, for adding to these students’ global empowerment by having them begin our Top Ten.

Next great free science resource is Ready Classroom. It will show you all the weather and give you implications of pending weather and potential health implications as well. The Young Scientists Challenge this year will allow winning students to collaborate with experts in the science field to build out and implement their plan. If you want to get to these resources and you have Discovery Education Streaming in your district, just log in, go to Teachers, and Featured Programs. Thanks to Cynthia Brown. Lance added that these partnerships are available to all, pre-login to DE.

We are experiencing some technical difficulties, but the chat room is alive and well.

From Whitney Mihoulides to All Participants:
Tell us about your SCIcon experience and have a chance to win an autographed copy of Reed Timmer’s Book. Go to this this link.

Back on board, webinar up and running, next resource is the Virtual Lab in Science Fair Central. But with a DE subscription, you can have access to STEM. 3M Science of Everyday Life, Innovation Headquarters Exploration, looks at the science of how we live and what technology we use to achieve it. Science is all around us in our everyday world. Much deep science surrounds us. Virtual labs for free in this resource, as well as K-8 lesson plans, videos, and interactives, making this a rich site for free science resources.

Another resource is Siemens Science Day (K-12), where you have a class with Siemens. Fuel Our Future is a fantastic contest where students get to select a challenge according to grade level and then design and performance test their designs. Business economics and science meld together to create a wonderful challenge for inquiry-based learning.

Another featured program is Explore the Blue, a partnership with Water and Boating Recreational Service. This site offers interactives, lesson plans, and deep multidisciplinary options with free videos. If you click the Explore tab, you get even more free science resources. This site is a virtual global environment.

Think Green is one of my favorite science resources. It has many interactive opportunities, videos, lesson plans, and challenges for students. This site is all about sustainability and it is worth visiting.

The Siemens STEM Academy counts for at least 3 resources. It has 4 parts, offers webinars, and is generally the place that Patti Duncan lives in cyberspace. Please check out her blog. I lost audio for a while but can tell you from joining this site, it is just the cat’s meow for science resources.

Siemens We Can Change the World has virtual labs, exploration, is an amazing techbook, and it’s free. Great free resources, even if you do not have DE.

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    Also, I need the link to print my certificate.Would you send it to my email address?
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    thanks so much.
    Marion Myers

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