Summer Science Sleuths at Duke

Do you know of a rising eighth grader with a passion for science? How about one who loves to tinker and explore without realizing that full connection to the world of science? Consider nominating him/her for Duke University’s Summer Science Sleuths. Think of what a difference this experience might make!

Summer Science Sleuths at Duke is a residential, recreational camp to be held June 19-July 2, 2011 on the West Campus of Duke University in Durham, NC. Applicants that are selected to attend receive a full camp scholarship and funding for travel. Campers may come from anywhere in the US and must be US Citizens.

The application process has three parts: Camp Application (filled out by a parent/guardian), Camper Survey (filled out by the camper) and the Teacher Recommendation (filled out by any teacher that knows the student well.) Applications can be found at and must be submitted online. Deadline for Camp Application and Camper Survey is February 15, 2011. Teacher Recommendations are due by March 5, 2011.