Discovery Education Leading Effort to Meet Presidential Challenge to Bring Digital Textbooks to American Classrooms Today

Beyond the Textbook

Indicative of the growing movement toward digital textbooks, Florida has approved the Discovery Education Science Elementary Techbook for Florida for classroom use. Florida joins Indiana, Louisiana and Oregon in adopting Discovery Education’s digital science service as the core instructional resource for elementary science instruction. These approvals, through state textbook adoption processes, empower educators with dynamic digital resources that meet the evolving learning styles of today’s students. Supporting the creation of 21st Century learning environments, the Discovery Education Techbook leverages children’s natural interest in technology to ignite a love of science.

“Last night, President Obama, in his State of the Union address, challenged the country to connect students to the future with dynamic, engaging instructional resources like digital textbooks,” said Bill Goodwyn, CEO, Discovery Education. “We support this vision and, as a result of our partnership with school districts across the country for the past decade, we are thrilled to deliver today a ready-to-implement digital techbook that meets the challenge of preparing students with the skills needed to compete in tomorrow’s increasingly competitive global economy.”

Intended to replace traditional textbooks as the new primary instructional resource for elementary schools, each edition of the Discovery Education Techbook series is built to address individual state science standards. In addition to vivid digital content, a real-time assessment component included within the Techbook measures student progress and recommends individualized resources that reinforce classroom instruction.

As a holistic learning system, the Techbook integrates the nature of science and inquiry into every phase of learning. With stunning videos, colorful text passages and interactive simulations, the Techbook kindles student interest in how science relates to their everyday life, stimulates critical thinking and deepens students’ understanding of core concepts.

Aiding implementation of this new service is a variety of teacher resources. Ranging from valuable refreshers on science content for educators to full days of custom, in-person staff development, these resources build educators’ capacity to leverage the power of digital content to engage students.

Finally, the Discovery Education Science Techbook is a substantially less expensive option per student than textbooks, with additional savings derived from a lack of textbook replacement or inventory costs.

“I’m challenged each day to create a stimulating 21st century learning environment that engages my tech-savvy students,” said School District of Osceola County (Fla.) science teacher Debbie Bohanan. “A rich digital resource like the Discovery Education Science Techbook has the ability to transform my instruction and bring the wonderful world of science alive for all my students, regardless of their learning style.”

“We are confident these innovative digital resources will empower educators today to encourage and nurture the scientific talents of their elementary school students and stimulate the important skills they will need to be successful in tomorrow’s workforce,” continued Goodwyn.



  1. MAYUS said:

    That is what our children need today, we need to develop new technological strategies as teachers, and school administrators to motivate and engaged kids to learn. Our environment is changing and we need to embrace this new resources. We need to make parents involved in this too!!
    Congratulations for this! I am very interested, in transforming education in my country (Mexico).

  2. Cheryl watford said:

    Coming from a science classroom…. This would have been awesome to have as part of my many resources. What a refreshing look to what and how Florida is being on the front edge, finally…..

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