Take a Learning Vacation

I had this idea the other day as I was taking a Southwest Airlines survey. In this survey they wanted to know the number of business and pleasure trips. Believe or not this was a difficult question because I had used Southwest to go to Denver and San Jose in the past year. This was for ISTE 2010 and the Google Geo Institute which was education, my career, but it was so much fun I have a hard time considering it business.  So here are some cheaper learning vacations right in our area over the next few months…

Educon 2.3

While this event is sold out, this is a great staycation opportunity! A chance to stay warm in your favorite chair with your laptop because all of the sessions are streamed live. I have personally gotten some amazing ideas and not all of them have to do with technology. One session last year was about how to get your principal to say yes to your ideas and that was worth the price of admission, free.

PETE&C DEN Pre-Conference

If you are like me, the idea of missing a few days of school for the PA state tech conference is appealing, but not possible. This is where DEN came to the rescue with scheduling a pre-conference Sunday, Feb. 13th. For Marylanders it is a pretty easy trek up to Hershey,PA for the event. You could also make this a relaxing, learning weekend. I went to the PETE&C conference site and booked a room at the luxurious Hotel Hershey for very cheap price compared to the hotel’s rate of $400+. This should be a blast with Hall Davidson and the awesome PA leadership council. Oh and of course a little chocolate.

MSET 2011

Registration has already begun for MSET 2011 and in a short while there will be the opportunity to book hotel rooms at discounted rates. Last year was the first time that I actually stayed in Baltimore during the conference and it was worth every penny. After the conference was over for the day, I had the chance to freshen up before a night at the inner harbor. It was wonderful to try a new restaurant at the first MSET Tweetup and continue the conversation with a walk around the inner harbor on a beautiful evening.

Give a learning vacation a try, nothing wrong mixing a little business with pleasure.


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  1. RJ Stangherlin said:

    I love your terminology. I’ll be at EduCon, but I did a staycation for SciCon. And it was a great way to learn. Loved it. Much less hectic that the next 3 days will be, for certain.

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