My Fake Wall

 My Fake Wall is a tool for creating a fake Facebook wall for a fictitious or historical character.  To create a Fake Wall you do need to register for a My Fake Wall account. Then you can upload images, write wall posts, even create “likes” and comments on fake posts.  Let us know what you’ve created.

Click here for My Fake Wall



  1. Jeanne said:

    I would love to use this with students but find it is not functioning well. I have tried Firefox and IE browsers. Page loads extremely slowly- almost two minutes- option to upload images isn’t available. Seems to freeze up indefinitely when beginning to create a page. Have you experienced any of these problems? I would love to know some solutions for this. Can’t imagine the problems with 20 students at once.

  2. Becky said:

    The wall is not ONLY for historical characters! You can also use this to educate people like on boarding schools or a disease. Just saying!

  3. Beth said:

    The program is not allowing us to upload pictures. We keep getting http errors. We are using IE9 and Chrome. Thoughts?

  4. Kemomi said:

    I am having the same problem, and to contact them requires being able to see a code…which I can’t see as they are having problems with their images. EXTREMELY frustrating.

  5. Jake said:

    The program is not allowing me to upload pictures. I’m getting HTTP Error. I’m using firefox and IE. It was working few days ago. Any help please?

    • SHarper said:

      Having the same problem…Will post if we find a solution…please let me know if you do as well.

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  7. Lou said:

    Also having trouble up loading pictures. Getting “http error”. This looks like it could be a LOT of fun. Hope it’s working soon!!

  8. jocelyn said:

    every pic that i try to upload on to the website it keeps saying i have a http error but i need to get the pictures up for a school project i am doing it is worth alot of the marks please if there is something that can be done to fix it do it

  9. Sylvia said:

    The Fakewall site is no longer functioning … anyone have an alternative to this for student use? Thanks.

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