Cyberbullying and School Leadership

Bullying is never OK!!!  Harassment is never OK!!!  Hazing is never OK!!!

The issue of bullying is serious for today’s educators.  It can’t be ignored, minimized or rationalized away.  As you continue to develop your awareness and response to the many challenges this phenomenon presents please consider taking this True or False Quiz.  Here goes.

T          F

__        __        Cyberbullying is when someone “repeatedly makes fun of another person online or repeatedly picks on another person through email or text message or when someone posts something online about another person that they don’t like.

__       __         Using this definition, about 20% of the over 4,400 randomly?selected 11?18 year?old students in 2010 indicated they had been a victim at some point in their life.

__       __             About this same number of the 11-18 year-olds admitted to cyberbullying others during their lifetime.

__       __          About 10% of kids in this recent study said they had both been a victim and an offender.

The above statements are all true according to the Cyberbullying Research Center

Obviously policy issues and issues of educating our students and communities are different than they were 30 years ago.  We live in a complex world and ignoring that complexity and wishing for a simpler time is not realistic.  The Cyberbullying Research Center is a resource you may want to explore.

Plus, I have written another quiz related to bullying in schools and you may want to take a look at it, as well.  It is titled: A Message for Parents and Communities: Bullying, Harassment and/or Hazing are NEVER OK!



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  2. Tracy Standhart said:

    Thanks for the informative site, Jerry. This is becoming a nationwide problem with our students. Good to have information like this.

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