6. Discovery Streaming and…..

test reading as a reading genre

Now there is a odd title idea.  It is not my own however; I got this from a book I’ve been reading called Book Whisperer by Donalyn Miller.  It’s subtitle, Awakening the Inner Reader in Every Child, is a clue to the content.  Ms. Miller, a 6th grade language arts teacher in Texas gives such radical but effective ideas for teaching reading — and passing the state mandated test — as:

  •  giving time in class for the students to do independent reading
  •  using conferencing, discussions, and workshop methods to teach literature skills
  • letting students within certain genre requirements choose their own books, encouraging them to see the actual joy in reading
  • thinking of test reading as one of the genres of literature

That last is what leads to the possibly odd idea of this post.  What elements does Discovery have that can help students prepare for the test genre while giving teacher and student a break from benchmarks and practice books?  Here are a few ideas.

  • for the youngest students, the Lollipop Dragon has a series on test-taking
  • for upper elementary to middle school, try Testwise: the smart way to prepare and take tests, with segments such as multipole choicestratgies, test day, guessing and standardized tests
  • for high school students, there are SAT prep videos, as well as Acing the Exam, part of the Study Smarts video

In addition, the Discovery Education Assessment program offers benchmarks, RTI helps and more.