Using Voki with Students

Discovering something new is a good thing.  I enjoy not only watching students make new discoveries, but I also really like discovering new things myself.

Today, I discovered something new about Did you know you can have students create a Voki without creating an account?  Did you also know that after the Voki is created, you can get an embed code to share the Voki – no login neede?  Yep, it’s true.

There are a ton of advantages to this.  No more worrying about creating student accounts, no worries about students forgetting passwords, no worries about students sharing passwords….  The only disadvantage that I see, is the inability to save and continue working another day.  Therefore, kids need to manage their time very well and need to be very prepared prior to getting to work.  Now that I think about it, this may not be too bad of a disadvantage.

I’m looking forward to seeing what my students can do with this site.  Now that we have some flexibility and the site is fairly easy to use, I need to touch base with teachers and figure out a way to integrate this into the curriculum.  Perhaps students can make an avatar explaining a math concept.  Perhaps I’ll take advantage of the new Voki for Education site and peek through the lesson plans.

Whether it’s something math related or not, I’m excited about this new discovery and can’t wait to start using it more.

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