Shifting Time & Space: PETEC Virtual Conference

In an email from Eric Rosendale, Ed.D., Assistant Executive Director, IU 27, comes the best news, especially if you could not attend PETE&C this year, in person, that is. According to Rosendale,

The PAIMS organization, as an active partner and member of the PETE&C board, has organized a few virtual conference experiences for PETE&C 2011. The 2011 pilot consists of a small number of sessions intended to help test various online meeting venues and gauge capacity and interest. We are very excited to offer this service and hope you will join us as we explore the possibilities!

Visit to register and view the schedule of events.

“Shifting Time & Space”: Virtual Mtg. Room + Video Streaming
Courtesy PETE&C

Since I cannot attend in person this year, “the virtual meeting room space and video-streaming technologies” provide a first-time opportunity for many like me to discovery the possibilities online. It took all of a minute to register, and pending approval, I have many options for ongoing pre-and post-conference conversations. Forty-one groups and growing audiences, along with chats, forums, blogs–a wealth of PETE&C resources–and virtual participation.

An additional resource for in-person attendees!

After you register for the Virtual Sessions, you need to sign up for the Virtual PETE&C 2011 Schedule of Events. Thirty seconds later, your virtual sessions appear. Bookmark the sessions or use this document as your handy reference.

Virtual PETE&C 2011 Schedule of Events

Hope to see you there.
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