Increasing the multitude of ways technology can make a difference for students!!!!

When it comes to increasing the multitude of ways technology can make a difference for students and their learning it is time for leaders to focus on the future.  It is time to embrace change that has the potential for increased student learning.

These are quotes from Kouzes and Posner’s latest book: The Truth About Leadership. I share then with the hoe of encouraging ALL  formal and informal leaders to think about what you can do and how you can go about ‘doing it’ to help advance technology into learning opportunities for students.

Leadership is not about who you are or where you come from.  It’s about what you do. ~  page 8

The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership are:

1.     Model the Way  ~  2.     Inspired a shared Vision  ~  3.     Challenge the Process  ~  4.     Enable Others to Act  ~  5.     Encourage the Heart  ~  page 13

Leadership is more about listening than telling.  Your task is to gain consensus on a common cause and a common set of principles.  You need to build and affirm a community of shared values.  ~  page 43

(A leader) must remind others, who are often so mired in day-to-day details of work and life that they lose their bearings, that there is a larger purpose to all this doing.  You and they are working hard in order to build something different, to make something new, to create a better future.   You are here to make a difference in the world.  That’s why it’s important to invest the time today in tomorrow’s future.  ~  page 52

The truth is that focusing on the future sets leaders apart.  Developing the capacity to envision the future requires you to spend more time in the future – meaning more time reflecting on the future, more time reading about the future.  It’s not an easy assignment, but it is an absolutely necessary one.  ~ page 58

High-quality relationships don’t happen spontaneously.  They require leadership.  It’s your job to interact with others in ways that promote connection, collaboration, confidence, and competence.  When you do, you’ll see learning, innovation, and performance soar.  ~  page 73

The truth is that trust rules.  Trust rules; your personal credibility, your ability to get things done, your team’s cohesiveness, and your organization’s innovativeness and performance.  ~  page 76

Trusting others encourages them to trust you.  Distrusting others persuades them to distrust you.  ~  page 84

Hopefully, there is some food for thought in this short collection of quotes!


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