Discovery Student Center Lights Up the Mind

The Discovery Student Center is an incredible tool for students, and it puts the power of digital media in the palms of their hands.  The only limit is your students’ imaginations.  Many Discovery Streaming users are aware of this fantastic resource, but I wanted to share how much my students love having their own accounts with Discovery.

By setting up a classroom account, educators are able to create and assign lessons, explorations, investigations, projects, quizzes, writing assignments, and so much more. Students receive a user name and password to access the assignments and to search through the extensive Discovery Streaming media library. They can download and remix editable assets to create their own content with Web 2.0 tools like GlogsterEDU and Voicethread. Students can remix images and editable video clips, change narration, and add transitions and effects with programs like Windows Movie Maker and iMovie. They can use Discovery images and video clips in their PowerPoints and Prezis to make them multimedia presentations. With the Discovery Student Center, students have access to the wonderful Discovery Streaming content 24/7. Give your students the gift of Discovery Streaming. Set up your classrooms today.

The Voicethread below is an overview of the Discovery Education Student Center for educators.


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