February Ed Tech News You Can Use

Many ed tech educators will travel to Austin, Texas this week for the Texas Computer Education Association conference. There are a number of sessions that will feature Texas DEN Stars as the presenter. If you are attending the conference, hopefully you registered to attend the DEN Pre-Con event at the Bob Bullock Texas History Museum where Discovery Educator Network STARs and VIP guests can attend an exciting and enriching day of professional development focused on creative ways to engage your students using digital media and technology. All of the information about which TCEA sessions will have a DEN member as one of the presenter(s) can be found in our Issue monthly newsletter. Be sure to subscribe so you can stay on top of DEN events, technology tips and tricks, and web tools shared by the Texas DEN Leadership Council.

Speaking of published newsletters, Issuu is a great resource for publishing student work, classroom/campus newsletters or creating student portfolios. Issuu has free and premium features available to create colorful, easily accessible documents. If you haven’t used Issuu before, I highly encourage you to check out Issuu. Issuu has a mobile app so that you can view other periodicals using a variety of devices to read the publications.

Another similar site for publishing student work is Lulu. Many educators are using this site for publishing student, personal and professional work. Although Lulu doesn’t create a magazine style publication like Issuu, you can set a price for your publications. After customizing your publication’s format, you can set a price for others to purchase or download your publication.  After getting permission to post student work online or to have a fundraiser, students can design their own cover and choose a variety of features to personalize their publication. For younger students this may be labor intensive but well worth the time. This can be a great way to raise funds for your campus or classroom.

Another fantastic tool to publish student work is Simplebooklet (SB). SB has a work area where you add, images, videos, websites and files for publishing and posting to a variety of sources and SB and services. SB and Issuu both allow you to embed your publication and post to a website or blog. This is a great feature that will motivate students to create innovation publications to post online.


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