Making the Web Accessible to All

This week I wanted to highlight some tools that can make the web a more friendly place for students of all levels and abilities. I’ve highlighted tools that can make the web safer, easier to read, and less distracting. I’ve also included links to TeacherFirst reviews for some of the tools. If you have additional tools not listed we would love to hear from you.

Readability – This tool allows you to view ANY web page as simple, clear text without all the flashing, moving, distracting elements that interrupt concentration and understanding.

TeachersFirst Review

JuicyStudio Readability Test – Use to check readability levels on web sites.
TeachersFirst Review

Lingro –  Allows you to enter a web address (URL) and make all of the words on that page clickable for definitions and translation.
TeachersFirst Review

Edit Central Style and Diction Checker –  Use for checking writing samples and readability levels (copy/paste text from a web page OR your assignment!)

TeachersFirst Review

Text to Voice extension for FireFox – This tool gives Firefox the power of speech.

Google Scribe –  For kids that have typing problems – word prediction

that beats most of the high priced software and works on any text box on the web

Quietube – This is bookmarklet that you add to your toolbar. Click the button when are viewing a YouTube video and it takes away all comments and other distracting adds.


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