Connectivity is Exploding the Millennia–Old-Single-Teacher Paradigm

For the past two years, Barnett Berry and a team of 12 accomplished teachers have explored an urgent question: What must America do to build a 21st century teaching profession that can fully meet the needs of today’s iGeneration and the millions of students who will enter our public schools between now and the year 2030?

From this work they have produced the book, Teaching 2030: What We Must Do for Our Students and Our Public Schools . . . Now and in the Future by Barnett Berry and others, 2011, Teacher College Press.

The book focuses in depth on what the authors describe as “Emergent Realities”.  The second of their Emergent Realities is: Seamless Connections and Out of Cyberspace.

The focus is on the reality that “virtual collaboration and new technologies expans learning opportunities beyond geographical limits and the traditional 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. school day.  The Internet’s infinite capacity for connectivity is exploding the millennia –old-single-teacher paradigm.”

This is a book school leaders will want to read. “Leadership is not about who you are or where you come from.  It’s about what you do.”*  Reading this book can help frame the leadership work that needs to be done.

* Kouzes and Posner 2010 The Truth About Leadership, p 8



  1. Marsha Ratzel said:

    I’ve read this book and can’t say enough about what it does to help teachers imagine where our profession is moving. The best part of this book is how it was written by teachers who are forward-thinking and who work with students in their classrooms.

    The advice that is offered is insightful and gives a great picture to the future of education.

    I’d recommend the book to anyone who wants to consider how they will/should grow in order to stay relevant.

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