Take A Page from the Perfect Digital Techbook: Hall Davidson @DEN PreCon

Lance Rougeux introduced Beyond the Textbook and Homeroom announcements with a Beyond Inspiration video. Our 6th Annual DEN PreCon began in 2005 and DE has continued to support Discoverystreaming/Plus and have continued to move forward their expansion in 3 states. They have moved Beyond the Textbook to a techbook. It’s hard to predict what will happen in six years from now but we can predict it will be digital. As we go beyond the textbook, Cynthia Brown, DEs newest hire, introduced the Discovery Team and the Leadership Council Team.

For today’s event DEN GURU and PA LC Events Chair set up Edmodo code http://tinyurl/petecdenedmodocodes to track backchannels for today’s presentations.

Introductions complete, our very own inimitable Hall Davidson kicked off the day with Take a Page from the Perfect Digital Techbook. Hall’s resources from today’s presentation can be found here. This session is being recorded and the audio file will be added subsequently.

As state legislatures change definitions of textbooks, Georgia, Florida, California, Indiana and Oregon have made changes to allocations for the digital new wave. Legislative flexibility enables digital change to affordances including textbooks. Some districts are allocating monies for iPads like public education in Georgia.

We move in difficult economic times to see what things fit into the new (digital) box, the reinvented digital techbook. Hall began with a digital scanner and put her body into Google Body, which shows what you can do with digital content. You need to use Firefox or Google Chrome. The example causes us to rethink digital things. Our next rethink is taking our phones to text PollEverywhere to respond to a question about a success. After the successes are gathered, you can copy/paste the responses to Wordle for a synthesis of real-time responses.

Next step: build a video. Using Photo Booth, we are going to put a person in front of the Wordle we created by going to Effects and then you can choose the Wordle, or a video from Discoverystreaming and then film in front of the background.  Using Photo Booth, we create a different kind of green screen or chromakey. Next, you can put the video into a Prezi or PowerPoint. We have just created a different book, and one relevant to the students. It’s called engagement beyond the textbook to a techbook with students as knowledge creators. We are building our book by connecting our choices for curricular content into a digital framework. Great idea: let the community build the book. As students begin building their techbooks, they will only improve with practice. If you are trying to add a bluescreen to Windows Movie Maker, from Sharon T. in the Edmodo backchannel, here are the directions.

So what does the newest Techbook 2.0 look like? Discovery Education’s techbook. Another digital techbook is learning in Second Life, where you can experience a tsunami as it approaches. If you have spare time in your first life, try Second Life, and join Discovery Education and educators there.

And as he always does, Hall went to his mobile phone and showed us an iPhone apps, Beach Closed, $10 and a wonderful tool. Android app is called Google Translate. Worth getting. Your phone is a digital textbook. How do you build the perfect TechBook 2.0? See the image for Hall’s response. It’s all about vesting your students in the learning process, and DE makes that so easy, whether it’s a digital TechBook or resources or professional development, no one does it better.

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