Mashed Media: Old Media, New Web, and Your Own Great Stuff: Hall Davidson #DENPETEC11

Hall Davidson’s DEN PreCon Resources:

PETE&C KickOff
Taking a Page from the Perfect Digital TechBook pdf
Taking a Page from the Perfect Digital TechBook pptx
Mashup Breakout Session pdf
Mashup Breakout Session pptx

I attended this session twice, the second time to film it. I will be posting the video when it is rendered in a separate post.

This session is a how-to and a hands-on interactive session. Interactive tools and texts add engagement. Find stuff, sites, cool things from Web 2.0, pull them onto your desktop, and then mash them up from your desktop to enable students to capture, create, mash, and learn. Then we will screen capture and video screen capture what we build. Add music, get more engagement of digital minds.

The mashup example Hall shared was the opener in a Web 2.0 series filmed with Steve Dembo.

Short version: Web 2.0 + download stuff + screen capture + add music + mash all together = recipe for screen capture and engaging young minds.

Hall’s goal: what used to be studio stuff can now be done in the classroom, easily. You build something from the web and grab it for classroom use. Once you’ve made a video, it can live anywhere–FLIP cam player, iPod, iTouch. You name it; it has a virtual life, anytime, anywhere, because we made a screen capture which gives our students control of content.

You can screen capture Discoverystreaming videos as well as other Discovery resources.If you are on a Mac, Hall recommends Jing = free or Snapz (upgrade to Snapz Pro version $20) or Quick Time 7. On a PC, Jing (again, free) or Camstudio (free and fabulous; Hall says that Camstudio is reason enough to buy a PC).

BTW: Hall used some cool tools and a website (or 2) and in case you wondered what they are, check out:

  1. BT-1 Wireless Webcam (already ordered) 
  2. Binaural Sound 
  3. Jamendo: a platform for free music (better than FreePlayMusic because you do not need to pay when you use the music in an outside-of-classroom venue).
  4. Tagul: like Wordle but in shapes.

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