Encourage the Love of Learning with These Sites!

I am always interested in finding ways to stimulate a child’s curiosity. To really spark their interest and perhaps expose a new area they would like to explore. I have found two sites that offer students an opportunity to learn about current events as well as a variety of topics that are designed for young students.

The first such site is called Dogo. Dogo News has a variety of topics that include Current Events, Science, and Social Studies, but also categories like Entertainment, International and Did You Know? It also lists websites the students may search to obtain further information. There is teacher content as well. http://www.dogonews.com/

Students enjoy reading magazines like Ranger Rick or Weekly Reader for older students, but this site offers the variety of a magazine with the versatility of going online to collect further information directly from the page.

Another site that offers an assortment of articles and research materials for students is KidsKnowIt.com. http://www.kidsknowit.com/index.php
This free web resource offers challenges in Chemistry, Geology, spelling games, Astronomy games, and so much more. Students will be engaged by the interactive ways to learn the curriculum and explore memory games as well as develop critical thinking skills. Another bonus this site offers is a wide range of educational music to use in lessons or in student presentations. Introduce these to your students and watch what areas peak their interests!

Finally I would like to share with you an opportunity to collaborate and meet other technology innovators in our area. On March 17, 2011, MassCUE will be sponsoring their annual Technology Leadership Symposium at Holy Cross College in Worcester. The event will include a keynote speaker followed by a panel discussion as well as break out sessions. Please see the MassCUE website for more details and registration information.

Be on the lookout for some exciting upcoming DEN events as well!!!
Submitted by: Christine Cote



  1. Donna Gaumond said:

    I can’t wait to use this with my students. Is there any way to Add links on their discovery education site?

  2. Marybeth O'Brien said:


    Thank you for sharing the DOGO News link. I think there are some great little articles that are kid friendly and engaging enough to get students motivated to write and read interesting articles! Thank you for sharing!


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