Use Google Earth to Explore Our Presidents

With the arrival of President’s Day Weekend, many of us are looking to discuss our U.S. Presidents in class. Yesterday, on the official blog, Google announced the ability to Explore our US Presidents on a Map. The map is in Google Earth and shows the Presidents’ birthplaces as well as some information about their terms in office. The tour is posted in the Google Earth Showcase, but you can also download it for your local machine using Google Earth. From the Showcase:

  • Explore all of the US presidents on the Google Earth map. View their birthplace and click on the number icon to learn more.
  • See a progression of the states that voted during each president’s election (shaded in red).
  • Download a Google Earth file (.kmz) to easily see a map of all the US presidents.

In addition, you can view a 3D model of the White House and other landmarks in Washington, D.C. Happy President’s Day weekend, and have fun using these in your classes!