7. Discovery Streaming and…

… integrating with other online resources!

Discovery is wonderful as a standalone product for use in classrooms, but it also “plays well with others”.  Here are some ideas for using Discovery Streaming and online databases together:

  • Thinkfinity — a free for educators site — has graphic organizers available.   Choose a graphic organizer for students to use while they watch a Discovery video to keep them focused and learning better.
  • Spanish language materials are available from sources like Britannica and Nettrekker.  Pair the information in them with Discovery resources in Spanish to help you ESL learners.  Gaggle.net has a translation feature that can further help ESL learners.
  • Book clubs, novel units and such  can gain momentum by using resources from TeachingBooks.net paired with Discovery resources about the book, background information, or other connected ideas
  • Vocabulary is important.   Help your students learn vocabulary in context with Discovery videos backed up by resources such as the dictionary in Britannica School Edition or the Visual Thesaurus.
  • Use Discovery materials plus materials from sites such as Britannica, Ebsco, and other databases to create makeup lessons, extention lessons or modified lessons.  Put them all into a My Builder Assignment Builder for easy access by students.
  • Math videos can be paired with interactives from Thinkfinity to bring concepts to life. Great resources are available from Thinkfinity for science, social studies, fine arts and other subjects also.
  • Explore world cultures with videos from Discovery and pictures and stories from World and I, expanding your students’ horizons.

How do YOU use Discovery with other online resources?