Engineering … Go for it!

Looking for a way to entice students into the field of engineering? Take a look at the “eGFI” website, “Engineering… Go for it!”  The website, blog, and newsletters are created by the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE). After sending out the Discovery Education information about the STEM resources webinar to my district, I saw this website and thought I would share. They are committed to promoting and enhancing efforts to improve K-12 STEM and engineering education. 

The opening page has a card representing different engineering areas. Each card is like a mini-glog with interactive links to information about engineering careers in the specific field.  Below is an example of the “Biomedical Engineering Card.”

Each plus sign takes you to a different topic, such as: “Did you know?”… “Where do they work?”… “Make a difference.” The interactive cards are a very engaging way for students to take a first look at different engineering careers.

In addition to the interactive cards, there are student newsletters (archive), teacher newsletters (archive), a teacher site with lessons and web resources, an online magazine entitled, “Dream Up the Future,” and videos. “Each week, the eGFI student newsletter presents fun and interesting engineering innovations – great discussion topics for class.” For more information about the site, take a look at the blog entry, Free STEM & PBL Resources.  Challenge your students to learn more about engineering career opportunities.



  1. Ricky Ballot said:

    This is good post for newcomer planning for a career in engineering. Thanks for pointing out some good points with the help of infographics too. It is such a informative information where many students can dream up their career.

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