MACUL’s On-Line Conference Planner

In years past I was all a-tither about about getting the MACUL Conference book with all the sessions and their times.

I have had to sit and highlight sessions that I was interested in and then have to figure out times, locations, etc.

That was nice, but now we have the On-Line Conference Planner at

You can search by either session or exhibit, by the conference strand, by date, by presenter name, and by the name of the business.

You then get a list on sessions in chronological order. On the left just click on view/add and get a window with the details.

After reading the details you can then add it to your planner.

It will also let you know when you have a conflict with two sessions added for the same time block.

Under the “view planner” tab you can download your planner as a PDF and a VCS file.

Then you have either a hard-copy of your schedule or an electronic one for your portable device (which is what we all do right?).

For those of you that are more a visual learner ( I count myself as one) Ben Rimes  posted a video at MACULSpace on how to use the Planner. click here

Now off to get my planner set up.

See you at the conference!