2011 New England Day of Discovery: Registration is Open!

Discovery Education and Brockton Public Schools are pleased to present the 2011 New England Day of Discovery at the Mary E. Baker School in Brockton, MA on March 26th. Designed specifically for New England educators, this interactive day of professional development will highlight creative ways to engage students and invigorate your curriculum using the latest 21st century tools. Whether you are new to Discovery Education or a long-time user in search of the latest instructional strategies, this event has something for everyone

Our keynote speaker, Dan Riskin, is an evolutionary biologist and host of Animal Planet’s popular show about parasites, Monsters Inside Me.  Dan’s research has focused on the biomechanics of bat locomotion, and he is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Biology at the City University of New York.  Dan’s always been interested in bats, but his interest in parasites is a more recent development. His doctoral thesis was on Common Vampire Bats in Trinidad, which are parasites – they drink mammalian blood – however it wasn’t until he started work on Monsters Inside Me that he started really paying attention to the wonders of parasitism. Since then, he’s appeared on Jay Leno, Dr. Oz, and Craig Ferguson to talk about parasites, and he’s always thrilled to be able to share a little bit about his experiences with parasites and bats. As a passionate educator, Dan looks forward to sharing his unique perspective on the role of teachers in an ever-changing world.

This exciting conference style day of professional development will give you the opportunity to choose from multiple sessions, earn a certificate for participation, win prizes, and workshop with nationally recognized K-12 experts.

Register today at Links.DiscoveryEducation.com/NEDOD

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