Looking Forward to Spring

Spring is just around the corner and I know everyone will soon have spring fever. Along with spring there will also be some exciting DEN events to look forward to this year.  Coming up on March 7 is the beginning of open enrollment if you are interested in becoming involved in the Leadership Council for your state. Leadership council is not only a great way to get involved in DEN, but you will make great friends and become part of the team that hosts events in your state. Also in March, is the annual DEN spring training. This is a great time to check your DEN status and rev up the DEN spirit in your school.

However, the day all DEN stars are  looking forward to is April 1st. This is the day that DEN announces where the  the DEN Summer Institute will take place and begin accepting applications. The summer institute is a must if you are going to be at the top of your game when you go back to school in the fall. Not only do you get to network with some of the BEST teachers on the planet, but you learn how to use the latest technology tools and gadgets and come back with ideas on how to use them in your classrooms. The speakers and workshops that you attend are awesome. Last year, we worked with Edmodo, learned digital story telling from Joe Brennan, besides learning new ways to incorporate music and videos to improve instruction with Lodge McCammon. The videos we made with Lodge are classic and an incredible teaching tool. By the way,  this year there is only one summer institute, so get your application in before the deadline of April 25th.

Last of all in the first week of May, Discovery will host DEN Teacher appreciation week, followed by the DENny awards. Discovery knows how to make teachers feel appreciated. Every year Discovery finds some fun way to show their support for teachers. It is a week full of surprises, so as spring fever takes hold in your classroom, you at least, will have some fun and surprises to help keep you smiling all the way to June.


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  1. Nathan Guteras said:

    Thanks for letting us know about the new leadership openings this spring . Hope my district will fun Discovery Education next year. Funds are tight.

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