Spring VirtCon 2011

Spring Virtual Conference
April 30, 2011
9 AM to 3 PM ET
Cost: FREE

Think Outside the Book with thousands of educators from all over the world as we connect during this unique professional development experience where you can attend in-person, online or both!

Learn powerful ways to integrate digital media and Web 2.0 tools into your instruction as well as discover an abundance of resources to expand your own personal learning network.

Download and share the flyer.

Register today for the virtual sessions.


Attend one of these in-person events:

Pleasant Plains, AR (Register here.)
Lakeside, AZ (Register here.)
Peoria, AZ (Register here.)
Alameda, CA (Register here.)
Glendale, CA (Register here.)
Boca Raton, FL (Register here.)
Orange Park, FL (Register here.)
Cartersville, GA (Register here.)
Iowa City, IA- With Lodge LIVE! (Register here.)
Naperville, IL (Register here.)
Port Allen, LA (Register here.)
Capitol Heights, MD (Register here.)
Auburn, ME (Register here.)
Kansas City, MO (Register here.)
St Louis, MO (Register here.)
Moncton , NB, Canada
Charlotte, NC (Join the waitlist.)
Raleigh, NC (Registration is closed)
Cherry Hill, NJ (Register here.)
Pittsburgh, PA (Register here.)
Blackville, SC (Register here.)
Columbia, SC -St. Andrews (Register here.)
Cope, SC (Register here.)
Knoxville, TN (Register here.)
Austin, TX (Register here.)
Richmond, VA (Register here.)
Virginia Beach, VA (Register here.)
Verona, WI (Register here.)

Virtual Sessions
(All times are eastern)

9 AM
Time, Differentiation and Online Publishing

Dr. Lodge McCammon

Dr. Lodge will discuss practical strategies that can be implemented to increase valuable classroom time while meeting the needs of diverse learners.  He will show samples of how low-barrier video creation and publishing can result in an educational paradigm shift where collaboration and differentiation are part of the daily lesson plan.

10 AM
Project-Based Learning
Tim Childers, DEN Guru
With all the emphasis on standardized testing, Project-Based Learning (PBL) is the hidden gem of the curriculum. In this session, we’ll look at the elements that make up a PBL activity, explore projects already being used in the classroom, and answer the age old question “How much soda can you get in that can?”

11 AM
Alphabet Soup

Lance Rougeux, Discovery Education
Teaching today is a veritable alphabet soup with ingredients full of acronyms and buzz words, Web 2.0 sites with unusual names, and a student language comprised of characters and symbols. And every time we take a hearty spoonful the letters move around and new words appear. In this session, we’ll discover together how to make all these ingredients into a recipe for student success.

12 PM

The Pedagogical and Professional Magic of Digital Media

Rushton Hurley, Founder Next Vista for Learning

You have access to all manner of amazing media. How do you use it to develop your perspective on what’s possible in your classroom? How does digital media provide professional opportunities that previous generations could barely imagine? How can content focused on students connect us with our students, our communities, and each other? Join Rushton for an exploration of the world of teaching and learning as it is unfolding before us!

1 PM
WHERE Are You Headed?

Jannita Demian, Discovery Education

They say “Life is a Highway” but where’s the road map?!? In a world bombarded with different media types, educators are asking WHERE do we go from here? Join us to learn new and impactful ways to increase student engagement in your class starting next week. See examples of how teachers across the nation are utilizing media to help transform their teaching from the hook at the beginning of the unit to the summative assessments at the end.

2 PM
Geo huh?  What’s Geocaching in the Classroom?
Porter Palmer, Discovery Education
Did you know that you can use GPS receivers to play high tech hide and seek? It’s called geocaching, and it’s a fun activity that you can do with students of almost any age.  Come explore how to use geocaching in the classroom and as a great outdoor hobby.  You’ll leave this session ready to participate in DEN Geocaching Day on May 21st!


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  1. Nancy Rachlin said:

    Will this be streamed to the Bucks County IU #22?

  2. Porter Palmer said:

    Hi Nancy, it will be streamed anywhere that you have Internet connectivity. Just click on the “Register today” link up there and you’ll be able to join in anytime on April 30.

  3. Porter Palmer said:

    Hi Cathy, There will be a Florida in-person event if the Leadership Council members in Florida decide to host. Keep an eye out here. We’ll post info for all in-person events!

  4. Gurpreet Sohal said:

    Hi, I want to join Virtual conference from India…. Tell me if I am allowed to attend it?

  5. Diane said:

    Just wondering I know Charlotte, NC is hosting an event. But could I host an in-person event in Raleigh, NC even though I’m not on the council. I know it is hard for people to drive that distance from Raleigh. I would host it at my school if possible. I’m already trying to get permission from my administrator to host the event for teachers at my school.
    Diane Ripollone

  6. Moroni said:

    Will there be a certificate issued for participation? And, can these hours be use for teacher re-certification in Arizona?

  7. Hadiya Gumbs-Rouse said:

    Will PLU’s (CEU’s) be given for this conference?

  8. Porter Palmer said:

    @Gurpreet, we welcome you.
    @Diane, will forward your email addy to the Leadership Council
    @Moroni and @Hadiya, we will offer a link to a certificate. You’ll need to check with your school about how the hours are counted.

  9. Merea Bridges said:

    would it be possible for Rockingham County to be a host site for Spring Virtual Conference?
    April 30, 2011
    9 AM to 3 PM ET

  10. Porter Palmer said:

    @Merea, I’ve sent your info to the Events Coordinator for the NC Leadership Council. I’m sure she’ll be in touch.
    @Linda, it’s up to the members of the leadership council in each state. If they want to host something, we’ll support them!
    @Hasna, YES!

  11. Kylene said:

    We are unable to attend. Will the webinars be archived?

  12. LT said:

    Are the virtual session topics the same as the on site topics?

  13. Porter Palmer said:

    @LT, the way the in-person events work USUALLY is that there is one room that features the webinar on a screen. Then, most places also offer break-out sessions using local talent.

  14. Bobbi Gurney said:

    Will the first two sessions be posted by the end of the last session of the Virtual Conference for the west coast crowd to share? It’s hard to get a group together by 6:OO a.m.!

  15. Porter Palmer said:

    @Bobbi, the first session is likely do be done using LiveStream. We probably won’t have an archive of that ready, but will try. We should be able to post a link to the second session before the end of the day.

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  17. Sharon said:

    Will this seminar have certification for continued education points?

  18. Kim Evans said:

    About what time will the winners of the Quest for Curiosity be announced?

    • Porter Palmer said:

      @Kim, they should be announced during the breaks between sessions. So, tune in for a session and stay for the break and you’ll be all set!

  19. LJSnow said:

    I missed the a.m. sessions, will all the sessions be available to view later?

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  21. Pam said:

    Is this archived? I couldn’t attend in April but would love to catch up.

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