Celebration of Teaching and Learning

We have a fabulous opportunity for DEN Stars in the tri-state area.  We are giving away 2 tickets to the Celebration of Teaching and Learning!
This amazing two day conference takes place March 18th and 19th in New York City.  And our very own Guru, Nancy Sharoff will be presenting.  If you’re around on Saturday, stop by and say hello.  She’ll be presenting a workshop from 11:15 to 12:30 on Concourse E, Lower Level titled ‘Cyber-Bullying: wot R U doin bout it?’.

Here is how the Celebration is described on the website.

Come share your knowledge and be inspired at The Celebration of Teaching & Learning 2011! The Celebrationpresented by THIRTEEN and WLIW21is a premier professional development conference that brings together the world’s best thinkers, practitioners, and more than 10,000 educators to share their passion for teaching and learning. This two-day experience for educators happens March 18-19, 2011 at the Hilton New York in New York City.

A prominent educator once dubbed the Celebration as the “World’s Fair of Education.” Our sixth anniversary will bring experts and content from the areas of the Arts, English Language Arts, Global Awareness, Health & Wellness, Instructional Technology, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), Social Studies, Special Education and Whole School Issues.

Throughout the two days, attendees will experience four distinct learning environments through our six plenary sessions, nearly 40 Featured Speaker sessions, over 100 hands-on “In the Classroom” workshops, and two filled exhibitor halls featuring the latest in educational tools, interactive events and book signings.

The Celebration is perhaps best known for its remarkable Keynote Speakers, men and women who are at the very top of their fields and whose insight will raise your expectations for your profession and for yourselves. Past notable speakers have included U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, Queen Noor, Bobby McFerrin, Sir Kenneth Robinson, UN Messenger of Peace Jane Goodall, Google Chairman and CEO Eric Schmidt, world-renowned autistic scholar Temple Grandin, MacArthur Genius Award-winning environmental pioneer Majora Carter, and many more.

The 2011 Celebration, our sixth anniversary, will once again gather global experts with PreK-12 educators to foster creativity and encourage lifelong learning in and out of the classroom.  We’re excited to announce our dynamic list of nationally acclaimed speakers continues to grow!  Brian Williams, NBC Nightly News Anchor and Managing Editor, and Dr. Mehmet Oz, cardio-thoracic surgeon and Emmy Award Winning Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host have joined our list of speakers which includes Dr. Oliver Sacks, Leymah Gbowee, Walter Dean Myers, Diane Ravitch and many more, from the worlds of the Arts, English Language Arts, Global Awareness, Health & Wellness, Instructional Technology, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), Social Studies, Special Education and Whole School Issues.

Find out more by follow the Celebration in Twitter.  @the_Celebration.  You can also like their page on Facebook.

Want to win tickets?  Comment to this blog with an idea about how to integrate Discovery Streaming into their classroom.  Anyone who comments will be entered into a drawing. Two people will win tickets.

The contest will run until midnight on Wednesday, March 9th.  The winners will be notified by Friday, March 11th.  Good luck!


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  1. Lisa Parisi said:

    A great way to use Discovery Streaming is to create a list of videos connected to your current research topic. Then have the students use that list to find videos that will help them learn more about their assigned topic. Watching a video is more engaging to many children than reading an encyclopedia article or a textbook. Right now, we are learning about Westward Expansion. I created a list of resources for the students to use during their research. Discovery Streaming videos top the list.

  2. Neene said:

    I love to use Discovery Education to accentuate topics that teachers are already discussing with students. Discovery Education helps students absorb knowledge in a deeper way. Students in a second grade dual-language class that I am working with will be viewing the video on the Water cycle in English and in Spanish. These added visuals and audios will make the classroom lessons come to life.

  3. Stacy Kasse said:

    A great way to use Discovery Streaming in to also let the families in on what you are doing. I have my third graders explain to their parents and together the they review the video or work we may have already used in class. From using punctuation arcade games to watching videos about penguins after reading Mr Popper’s Penguins, Discovery streaming has really enriched my curriculum. I have even had parents tell me that their child asked to watch the Discovery channel to see what is on after working together at home

  4. Tiffany Braby said:

    Discovery Streaming has become a vital tool in our classroom. students can log in via our school website and use videos for research, review and to explore learning interests. On top of those options, students also can incorporate video segments into their powerpoint presentations. During my lessns, I use the video in my SmartBoard presentations to scaffold the lesson for the more visual learner. My students are English Language Learners and this tool has really made learning interesting and fun for them.

  5. Cindy Dwyer said:

    I’m a DEN Star so I’m able to participate in all of the webinars. They give me ideas on how to integrate cool tech tools. I often use what I learn with my students for enrichment and for the gifted. I also share them with other teachers when conducting professional development courses and through my blog.

    My students use Discovery Education as a resource in their independent projects when conducting research. I can assign videos and activities to them. I often use Discovery Streaming when introducing a new topic. I also use the Discovery Ed calendar to plan Lessons to coincide with upcoming holidays and commemorations of inventions and birthdays of famous people in history.

  6. Vickie said:

    Students researched endangered species of Africa and were required to include educational video in their projects. They were creating an educational digital book They used DE streaming to search for video content to include in their SMART Notebook files. DE streaming allows the user to download content in .flv format – making it easy to embed the video in Notebook.

  7. Renny Fong said:

    Our school uses Discovery Education throughout the day for all subject areas, including Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, The Arts, and Technology. They are especially beneficial to our English Language Learners, because of the enhanced audio and visual that multimedia provides. Thanks, Discovery!

  8. Dahlia McGregor said:

    On a daily basic I use Discovery Education products to ignite learning for students or for the teachers that I provide professional development for. Discovery product are used in my school to differentiate instruction especially for my ESL learner through the use of close captioned videos, In essence, discovert tools are used to enhance learning, to sourced classrooms to accommodate for the difference in learning styles and also provides varous entry points for learning in a diverse classroom

  9. Christine Southard said:

    I love giving the students individual access within DE Streaming to search and view videos on topics that we’re researching in class. The closed captioning tools assist my struggling readers by exposing them to text and new vocabulary. It is important to me that students can also save the videos to view later. They can also download and edit certain videos to create presentations if the videos are labeled editable.

    I also love using the individual student accounts that I can set up for my class. I can assign DE streaming videos that preteach or reteach concepts for students who are struggling. When the students login using their own login and password they can watch the videos and access assignments from me within DE Streaming. When I login, I can see which students have viewed the videos and if they completed their assignments.

  10. Jewish School NYC said:

    What an uplifting event in a time of tumultuous waters in academic career paths. This sounds like a wonderful opportunity to network in the area.

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