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den globe smallTake the Lead!  Join a DEN Leadership Council

Over the past several years,  the Discovery Educator Network  has grown exponentially and this amazing growth has a lot to do with our incredible DEN Leadership Councils. We are in awe of the work they have volunteered to do to make the DEN community what it is today. Wouldn’t you love to be part of these incredible groups of STAR DEs? Now’s your chance.

In order to provide the necessary support to ever-growing state-level DEN communities, give new STAR Discovery Educators the opportunity to take an active leadership role with the DEN, and allow current LC members a break (if they choose), it’s time for DEN LC Open Enrollment.

From now until Monday, March 28, 2011 you have the opportunity to express interest in staying active as an LC member, joining an existing LC or helping to launch a new LC.

Every STAR Discovery Educator is encouraged to formally express his/her interest by completing the open enrollment form.

For more details about the DEN Leadership Councils including the roles, responsibilities, and benefits please read the DEN LC Overview.



  1. Anne Truger said:

    The second link “Completing open enrollment” opens to a blank page?


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