Welcome DEN STAR Suzanne Greenlaw

Suzanne Greenlaw

What school do you work at and what is your title and role?

I teach at Middleton Regional High School in the beautiful Annapolis Valley, NS for the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board.  I teach senior high technology and senior high math, the specific courses this year being: Communications Technology 11, Multimedia 12, Film and Video 12, Pre Calculus 12, Calculus 12 and Math Foundations 11.   Obviously with the technology classes I teach I am very passionate about incorporating technology in a variety of styles to engage the students and learn from them as well!  Not one person knows every aspect of technology; I am always learning on the go.  Many times I rely on the students to support my technology integration; the key is not to be afraid of not knowing everything and to EXPECT the unexpected! Not only do I teach technology I am the Technology Mentor for our school and a member of our school board EXCEL (Educators exploring and Communicating E-Leadership) team.  Many teachers just need a bit of encouragement and support in order to feel comfortable incorporating technology into their classrooms.

How do you and your school use Discovery Education?

We are a pilot school in our school board for implementing Discovery Education.  Currently the majority of staff at our school are using the videos and teacher guides associated with the videos.  As soon as the school board populates our students we will be using it more as an interactive classroom.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Free time??  Never heard of it!  As a relatively new teacher I am constantly busy it seems!  I am an advisor of our schools student council and the graduation committee!  I also am working on completing my Masters of Education in Curriculum Studies with a focus on Technology Integration.  When I have a few spare moments I enjoy spending time with family and friends, home renovations, learning photography, sewing, hiking, camping, among many other fun activities!


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