Standing Ovation for Arizona AzTEA Teacher of the Year Gabriel Carrillo

Gabriel Carrillo is AzTEA’s teacher of the year with good reason and the organization is proud to nominate him for ISTE’s Outstanding Teacher award.

Of this, Carrillo says, “That’s my Christmas bonus right there.” (TriValley Central)

From TriValley Central AzTEA teacher of the year says he is ” Just Doing My Job”

Carrillo was cited by the AzTEA for his overall ability to “demonstrate an exemplary commitment to educational technology in Arizona.” In her report to the Florence Unified School District Board of Education, Nicole Steele, district director of educational technology, lauded Carrillo’s ability to model technology and mentor colleagues in creating a blended learning environment of content and technology.

“He facilitates the development of 21st Century skills through the incorporation of technology in a meaningful context, and his enthusiasm to share and promote effective academic technology use with others inside and outside of the education setting is what sets Gabriel apart,” Steele said.

“We’re very excited for Gabriel because we feel he really deserves this,” he continued. “He’s been at the forefront of all the technology we’ve implemented in this district the past four years. The whole school is as excited as they can be for him – and the parents even made a cake for him.”

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