Bring Classroom Instruction to Life with the Quest For Curiosity

Discovery Education’s Quest for Curiosity is a teacher-led, student-focused activity allowing your students to use their individual Discovery Education STREAMING student accounts.  Students will navigate Discovery Education STREAMING digital media resources and find the answers to 10 questions spanning core curricular areas.  Along this path they will be exposed to relevant, engaging content tied to your state standards and the common core standards.

Registration is open from now until March 20, 2011! Educators who register by March 20, 2011 will gain access to the Quest for Curiosity on March 21, 2011 and may begin integrating the questions into classroom instruction.

In the interim, here are some integration ideas for engaging your students in the Quest for Curiosity while building 21st century learning skills tied to your state standards and common core standards.

Use the Quest for Curiosity as:

  1. A way to launch access to the Student Center in your classroom.  Take your students to a computer lab or bring in a mobile lab and have them work individually or collaboratively to interact with the media and answer the questions.
  2. A jigsaw activity focused on fostering teamwork and communication.  Assign each cluster of students 1-3 questions (depending on class size) and have them work together to interact with the media, share their individual perspectives, and debate to develop group consensus.
  3. An assignment to promote use of the student center.  With unique user names and passwords, your students have 24/7 access to the Student Center. Assign this as a short-term or long-term homework assignment, and encourage them to engage their parents in the learning process.
  4. A daily bell ringer to hook your students.  Project it on your interactive whiteboard and have a student leader guide the class through a new question each day.
  5. A carousel activity.  Set up stations, and have students answer 1-3 designated questions at each station.

Begin the journey today! Register at, engage your students in a Quest for Curiosity, and unlock the door to life-long learning!

Don’t wait too long! Registration closes March 20th.


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