“Springing” Beyond the Textbook with Educators at AIU 3

On Thursday, March 10th, Kristen Olson and I had the pleasure of visiting AIU 3 for an enriching spring workshop that Jana Baxter coordinated for more than 70 educators across Allegheny County. The theme of the day was Spring Beyond the Textbook, and our goal was to share and uncover new ways to captivate the attention of 21st century learners.  The day featured four concurrent sessions: 1) Digital Storytelling 2.0 with Discovery Education, delivered Bridget Belardi, PA DEN Leadership Council Member; 2) Discovery: Beyond the Walls of the Classroom, delivered by Traci Blazoksy, DEN Guru and PA DEN Leadership Council Member; 3) Look Out Paper Here Comes Flip, delivered by Erin Prosser, STAR Discovery Educator; and 4) 50 Ways to Use Discovery Education STREAMING, delivered by yours truly.

Thank you Jana, Bridget, Traci, Erin and all of the educators who joined us for such an inspiring and empowering day of learning, sharing, reflecting and networking.