It Gives You Shivers Of Inspiration and Appreciation!

If you have not been a reviewer for the AzTEA Innovation Awards, you must take the next opportunity.  AzTEA received nearly thirty nominations for truly-deserving leaders from all around the state.  It is a inspiring, complete pleasure to read the praise colleagues have for their valued co-workers.

The Qwest/AzTEA Innovative Classroom Awards received over seventy-five imaginative and creative proposals that swirl your head with great ideas to get students using and engaging with 21st Century Skills of connecting, collaborating, communicating, publishing, creating and choosing how they display their learning.

Please contact AzTEA Awards co-chairs, Lillian Hritz or Emily Mann, to volunteer to review for either the Innovation or Qwest/AzTEA Innovative Classroom Grants.

Nominations for Innovative Leaders will be in late December this year.  Be ready to praise and appreciate the people who make your system work!

The Applications for Qwest/AzTEA classroom grants are due October 3rd.  Reviewers will have two weeks to score their assigned proposals.


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