MACUL Day 1 Wrap Up

Day one was a great day for all attendees at the MACUL 2011 conference.  The opening keynote this morning was Rushton Hurley (@rushtonh).  He spoke about the changes that technology have brought to the classroom, but how the fundamental elements of education haven’t changed.

Following Rushton, the DEN Stars in attendance broke up to the many wonderful sessions that were offered today.  One of the coolest tips that I caught today was from Leslie Fisher.  She showed us how Google Body works, and the applications for the classroom are pretty amazing.

Steve Dembo presented on iPads.  If you have attended a Dembo presentation, you can imagine how excited he is to have his new iPad 2.  If you are an iPad user, check out his notes here.

Can’t wait for tomorrow! More live blogging from the MI DEN team at


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