Spring Training is Here!

pitcherAre you ready to keep that STAR status in shape? DEN Spring Training is just the thing to help. Between now and May 13, you can earn Spring Training Points when you hit a single, double, triple, or home run.

Each of these is worth 1 Spring Training Point

Each of these is worth 2 Spring Training Points

Each of these is worth 3 Spring Training Points

Hit A Home Run
This one is worth 40 Spring Training Points

  • Upload a resource to DEN Community >Educator Resources > Upload Resources.

Here’s a PDF version if you want to print it to help you keep up with your progress. Once you’ve done all your training, record your results on this handy checklist. Double check your math because if you get 50 or more Spring Training Points, we’ll send you this nifty canvas beach tote complete with Discovery Educator Network embroidered on it.

Now, get to it! You have until May 13th to show us what you’ve got! We’ll be posting a leader board periodically. So keep an eye out on the blogs, or subscribe to them… that’s worth a point right there!
Here’s the link to report your activity in case you missed it up there!


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  1. Dawn Gardner said:

    I submitted two resources to the DEN Network and I wanted to see how I can get credit for spring training events to receive the tote.

    Please help me figure out how to get the credit.
    Thank You for your help!
    Dawn Gardner

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  3. Beth Weeks said:

    I am checking my points!!! I am up to 58 and I haven’t even made it through the triple points yet!!! Excited about the Tote!!! Looks like I need to wait to turn in my points until after the virutal conference and the Earth day Webinar!

  4. Traci said:

    Can’t wait for that Beach Tote… the Singles were piece of cake 🙂 Doubles were good too. I uploaded a resource, so I’m set!
    Yay, Discovery! Love Spring Training!

  5. Mariel Gomez de la Torre said:

    me too…I loved the Toyota Test Drive…was interesting..I will love for my students to do it as well.

  6. Annette Campos said:

    Question is each resource we upload worth 40 points or any amount of resources is 40?

  7. Carol Papuga said:

    Can we continue to update our points once we submit the check list? I want to make sure I got it in, but I know I will earn more points as the month goes on.

  8. Jeanne Rogers said:

    Thanks Discovery, such fun to be a Star! This was so great, wondering what magnificent Teacher Appreciation Week activities DEN has in store for us in May?

  9. Beth Weeks said:

    Well.. just turned mine in with 63.. guess I could have waited and got 2 more for the virtual conference but I went ahead and turned in… Thanks Discovery!

  10. Carolyn Stanley said:

    Getting ready to go back to school after spring break. I’ve been trying all kinds of new challenges on the list in order to gain points. The driving challenge was really hard! I’m going to encourage my 8th graders to try it; many are already dreaming about getting a learner’s permit. Hopefully, some of the sobering information will sink in. I also enjoyed the car design challenge.I’m deciding what resource I will upload to the DEN. Thanks for keeping us on our toes, Discovery. FUN!

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