Get Creative with Tech4Learning!

Tech4Learning has great creative tools for 21st century learners!

Enable your students to create interactive presentations, PDF and Flash® files, and web sites with Share. Share lets students combine text, graphics, original illustrations, animations, movies, and interactivity to demonstrate understanding and mastery.

Engage your students with Pixie, award winning, educational software elementary students can use to further their exploration of the world around them. Pixie combines a paint program with text options, clip art, voice recording, and standards-based curriculum activities, helping students build 21st century skills as they develop podcasts, online storybooks, videos, and Flash animations.

Let your students transform ideas into illustrations with Twist! Twist helps students easily create vector graphic images and text that scales without losing resolution. Perfect for art projects, designing logos for web sites, creating characters for animation, or creating backgrounds for a multimedia project, Twist brings students’ imaginations to life.

ImageBlender is powerful photo editing software designed for education. This powerful image editor gives you and your students the control you need to get your images looking just the way you imagine them, with effects and tools that are right at your fingertips. Explore the unlimited possibilities for visual learning and classroom technology projects in ImageBlender.

Wixie allows students to learn anywhere. Students can log in and use Wixie at school, in the lab, at home, at the library, or anywhere with an online connection to complete work that has been assigned or use their imagination to develop whatever inspires them.


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