New England Day of Discovery in Brockton!

HUGE Success!

The New England Day of Discovery, held this past Saturday (March 26th) at the Mary E. Baker School in Brockton, MA, was a huge success.   More than three hundred educators from Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island and more, came out on this bright, brisk Saturday to further their curiosity about technology and education.  A wide variety of 21st century focused workshops were delivered by STAR educators, Discovery staff, and trainers from such renowned companies such as Promethean and Glogster.  Some sessions had lines winding outside the door!

I mentioned the word curiosity as it related to technology and teaching, and it was that very theme on which Dan Riskin, evolutionary biologist and host of Animal Planet’s “Monsters Inside Me”, framed his keynote speech while we munched our bagels, sipped our coffee and spent rare and precious time collaborating with peers.  Personally, I was a little leery of listening to a long speech on the topic of bats and parasites (Dan’s specialty) but he was the most engaging, interesting, and informational speaker I’ve heard in a long time!  His passion for teaching and the natural need to satisfy one’s curiosity for a subject resonated with the educators in the room, including me!  Those little bats were actually endearing to most in the audience as we became fascinated with the bits of information (and misinformation) Dan shared with us about these creatures.  Dan spoke of the spark of curiosity that not only drives scientists to research new territories, but for students who will learn more deeply and passionately when naturally curious about a subject.

Thanks to Katy Buckley and Marybeth O’Brien (among many others), two MA Stars from Brockton who helped pull this amazing event together and were superb hosts for the day!  I can’t wait for the next one!


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  1. Stacey Cabral said:

    Thank you so very much for a fabulous day of learning and networking! I still can’t believe that something like this was offered, free of charge. I’m looking forward to the next opportunity for something like this. Discovery rocks!

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