8. Discovery Streaming and….

Gifted and Talented Students

So, I’ve recently taken an online course on differentiating instruction for GT students.   Differentiating instruction can certainly be a challenge in today’s heterogeneously grouped classrooms., but with a bit of help from Discovery it can be done.  Here are a few ideas to start with:

  • Tiered Assignments — covering the same general topic but with student work geared to specific levels of ability and need;  Discovery can help you enrich the lessons by creating assignments in the Assignment Builder to cover a broader view of the topic, giving GT students not more work on the same but an enriched view
  • Individual Studies —  let gt students work on special interest topics using Discovery Streaming resources to give information while you help other students
  • Cross Curriculum Studies / Themes — Look for themes in topics that have connections in other curriculum areas and create assignments that cross the boundaries.  With Discovery Streaming and Assignment Builder, you can easily create and save these lessons from year to year

What ideas do you have for Discovery and GT?