It is time to leverage

Education needs to move forward.   The status quo is not productive.  Many more children and young people can benefit from good, solid learning opportunities.

As leaders we need to leverage technology, the thinking of many, our collective resources, and the opportunities around us to meet the challenges of making schools dramatically more effective places of learning for all!

“New ideas and new leadership have seldom been more urgently needed.”  ~ quote from Bob Herbert of the New York Times, in his March 25, 2011 column.

Moving forward can be unleashed by imagining what could be.  Here is an example of what I imagine schools to be.  Exciting, dynamic places where dramatically more learning occurs for all!

Imagine places where… young people, seniors and everyone in-between are leading the way forward… public schools are thriving community learning centers… neighborhoods and institutions work together to share ideas and resources… and all citizens recognize and apply their talents to create a positive future for themselves and their community.

(the words in italics are based on language from an Imagine Chicago web site)