Registration Now Open: 2011 Day of Discovery in Silver Spring

Discovery Education is pleased to present the 2011 Beyond the Textbook Day of Discovery at Discovery Education’s World Headquarters in Silver Spring, MD on May 7, 2011.  This interactive event will provide area educators with an exciting and enriching day of professional development focused on creative ways to engage 21st century learners using digital media and technology. Whether you are new to Discovery Education or a long-time user in search of the latest instructional strategies, this event has something for everyone.

We’re excited to announce that Matt Monjan, Vice President of Strategic Account Implementation and DEN Account Management, will be our keynote speaker.

Keynote: Consumer to Creator – The Student as Both the Learner and the Teacher
Not only does today’s student want to be engaged through technology, media, and conversations at the same time, they also want to be able to instantly share their own content, ideas, and creativity with their peers and, in fact, the world.  Our students have progressed beyond consumers of content to become producers and publishers. How do we, as educators, teach to someone who is technically proficient, and social media-minded?  During this session we’ll explore different avenues in which the traditional model of learning is replaced with a challenge that requires students to draw on prior learning, acquire new knowledge, and tap their creativity to fashion solutions.

This exciting conference style day of professional development will give you the opportunity to choose from multiple sessions, earn a certificate for participation, network with nationally recognized K-12 experts, and win fabulous prizes.

Here’s a sneak peek of the session’s being offered.
These sessions will be delivered by the Discovery Education team, DEN Leadership Council Members, and DEN STARs:

  1. The 21st Century Science Class for the 21st Century Student
  2. STEMulating Student Engagement with Discovery Education
  3. iLearnwith iPads
  4. Checking for Understanding in a Digital World
  5. Top 20 Free Resources from Discovery Education
  6. Teaching Humanities in the Digital Age
  7. Universal Design for Learning and DE:  Supporting Diverse Learners with Multimedia and Digital Resources
  8. 50 Way to Use Discovery Education STREAMING
  9. Learning Gone Digital for Administrators
  10. Discovery Education Science and the 5E Model
  11. Powering Up Your Presentations
  12. Make Way for Habitats, a Model Lesson Plan
  13. Layers of Learning with Google Earth: A Free Round trip Ticket to Anywhere in the World
  14. Learning Gone Digital with Discovery Education
  15. A Virtual Field Trip with Google Earth and DE STREAMING
  16. Project Based Learning:  A Menu of Ideas
  17. Green Screening – Because You Can!
  18. Mashed Media: Old Media, New Web, and Your Own Great Stuff
  19. Ten Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Video – and Two You Did
  20. Geocaching–The Ultimate Treasure Hunt
  21. Digital Tips and Tricks for Educators

All registered attendees are invited to an exclusive screening of Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice sponsored by Discovery Student Adventures immediately following the event from 3:30 – 4:00 PM.

Here’s a sneak peek:
Polar Bears: Spy on the Ice
will focus on the journey of a polar bear mother and cub. With global warming and the ever-changing landscape of the Arctic, these cubs will be living in a vastly different world than their parents.  The film uses a unique spy-camera technology, allowing the film-makers to capture polar bear behavior rarely seen before in the summer season.  Drift-cams, Blizzard-cams and Iceberg-cams give viewers and humorous and intimate look into the polar bears world.

Register today:

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