DEN March Madness Final Four

Many of you may not know this, but I used to be quite the b-ball player.  As you’ll see to the left, I won a lot of contests in my day.  Unfortunately, I didn’t grow much after that picture so despite my killer crossover and shooting prowess, my hoops career went from NBA dreams to Xbox.  Sad story aside, it brings me great pleasure to provide our Final Four update.

Our Elite 8 matchups netted out in four relatively easy victories.

Despite their ability to double team,  MovieMaker and iMovie were knocked out by Edmodo 71-29.

Animoto’s strength of using DE images and videos was way too much for Tagxedo to handle.  Final score: 73-27

Blabberize hung in there early with the much higher seeded Wikispaces, but in the end Wikispaces was able to write its own ticket to the Final Four with a 65-35 victory.

The highest seed remaining in the tournament, Glogster EDU, used a creative game plan to layer it on Google Earth, 64-36.

Our Final Four matchups are now underway and will close tomorrow night.


Edmodo vs. Animoto

Wikispaces vs. Glogster EDU

Which two will come out on top? I guess it all depends on how well they can take advantage of the Discovery Education resources at their disposal.

Vote now for your favorites!


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