iSpy with SciSpy!

If you’re a fan of the natural world (who isn’t?) and have an iOS device, there’s a new app from the Science Channel that you’ll want to check out.  It’s called SciSpy and it’s akin to your own personal game of Eye Spy that you can play in your own backyard.  The app provides a few ‘missions’ and your challenge is to take pictures that fit into those categories and submit them in.  For example, right now they’re encouraging people to look around their home for critters that could fall into the Bugs in Your Own Backyard category.  Go outside, look around until you find one and then snap a pic of it.  Submit it in and share your discoveries with people around the world.  It couldn’t be easier, and browsing through the pics sent in by other people can be incredibly compelling.  With Earth Day coming up, this would also be a great activity to do with your class!  Go explore nature a bit and share what you find with the rest of the science community.  You can find SciSpy in the app store now!  And yes, it is free 🙂