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Let’s talk about some Web 2.0 Tools that will inspire Creative and Colorful Projects to pop up in your Classroom!

Students love to learn new ways of expressing themselves and finding new creative outlets.  We have heard of some of the popular Web 2.0 tools that are classroom friendly like Wordle, Voicethread, and Animoto. Prezi is also emerging as a newer alternative to the standard powerpoint.  These sites offer a venue for expression while encouraging communication, creativity, and collaboration.  Skills essential for our 21st century learners.

I recently attended a technology conference and benefitted from an open discussion on some Web 2.0 tools that have been successful implemented into the classroom.  Aside from the few mentioned above, I also learned about a few sites like little bird tales.

This site is another FREE website that allows the author/creator to upload their own artwork or pictures and add audio to create a unique personal storybook. http://www.littlebirdtales.com/ Text may also be added to each of the “pages”.   Unlike Storybird (www.storybird.com) that also allows users to create FREE online storybooks, you may insert your own artwork.  Making the project completely personalized.

Another site I began to look into is Smilebox. http://www.smilebox.com/ This site is another FREE tool that takes your photos to a whole new level.  You do need to create an account and then you may choose to upload your photos, choose a backdrop or template for your slideshows, greeting cards, or presentation.  You may also add music. Another benefit is that it is compatible with both the Mac and PC systems.  This may offer you a nice way to take all those classroom photos from throughout the year and create a classroom scrapbook to share with your students/parents.

We are so fortunate to work in education at a time when there are so many tools available to our students that inspire creative expression and spark the imagination.

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  1. Amiee Klem said:

    You can record your voice to Little Bird Tales stories, too! It’s super fun for kids to do and parents and grandparents LOVE hearing those little voices telling their stories!

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