Spring 2011 Virtual Conference Held in Verona, WI – all Wisconsin DEN Members are Invited!

Think Outside the Book with thousands of educators from all over the world as we connect during this unique professional development experience!

Learn powerful ways to integrate digital media and Web 2.0 tools into your instruction as well as discover an abundance of resources to expand your own personal learning network.

Prizes, breakfast refreshments and lunch will be provided!  All sessions will be in computer labs so you will not need to bring a computer.  Come enjoy the day with other DEN members!

Participants Will Leave With:
-Deep exploration of the rich variety of digital content available within Discovery Education.
-Integration strategies and exemplar learning experiences to bring digital content alive in your classroom and engage students across the curriculum.
-Thorough exposure to a wealth of professional development resources including continuous support through the Discovery Educator Network.

To register, click on the link below.  For more additional info. see the descriptions below.

Sessions Include:

8 AM
Time, Differentiation and Online Publishing
Dr. Lodge McCammon
Dr. Lodge will discuss practical strategies that can be implemented to increase valuable classroom time while meeting the needs of diverse learners. He will show samples of how low-barrier video creation and publishing can result in an educational paradigm shift where collaboration and differentiation are part of the daily lesson plan.

9 AM
Project-Based Learning
Tim Childers, DEN Guru
With all the emphasis on standardized testing, Project-Based Learning (PBL) is the hidden gem of the curriculum. In this session, we?ll look at the elements that make up a PBL activity, explore projects already being used in the classroom, and answer the age old question ?How much soda can you get in that can??

10 AM
Alphabet Soup
Lance Rougeux, Discovery Education
Teaching today is a veritable alphabet soup with ingredients full of acronyms and buzz words, Web 2.0 sites with unusual names, and a student language comprised of characters and symbols. And every time we take a hearty spoonful the letters move around and new words appear. In this session, we?ll discover together how to make all these ingredients into a recipe for student success.

11 PM
The Pedagogical and Professional Magic of Digital Media
Rushton Hurley, Founder Next Vista for Learning
You have access to all manner of amazing media. How do you use it to develop your perspective on what?s possible in your classroom? How does digital media provide professional opportunities that previous generations could barely imagine? How can content focused on students connect us with our students, our communities, and each other? Join Rushton for an exploration of the world of teaching and learning as it is unfolding before us!

12 PM
WHERE Are You Headed?
Jannita Demian, Discovery Education
They say ?Life is a Highway? but where?s the road map?!? In a world bombarded with different media types, educators are asking WHERE do we go from here? Join us to learn new and impactful ways to increase student engagement in your class starting next week. See examples of how teachers across the nation are utilizing media to help transform their teaching from the hook at the beginning of the unit to the summative assessments at the end.

1 PM
Geo huh? What?s Geocaching in the Classroom?
Porter Palmer, Discovery Education
Did you know that you can use GPS receivers to play high tech hide and seek? It?s called geocaching, and it?s a fun activity that you can do with students of almost any age. Come explore how to use geocaching in the classroom and as a great outdoor hobby. You?ll leave this session ready to participate in DEN Geocaching Day on May 21st!

A Special Additional Break Out Session Includes:
9:00 A.M. Using iPods/iPads with Students with Special Needs, Deb Donley, VASD
There are many uses for an ipod/ipad with students with special needs. During this session, some of the most widely used apps will be shown. Resources for finding apps, podcasts, books and music, and for setting up the accessibility features, will also be shared.