Thoughts on Symbaloo

Back in the winter I participated in a three day technology integration workshop. One of the tools that             the instructor shared with us was a new site he discovered, Symbaloo. I have used both Delicious and Diigo for a while and did not need another social bookmarking account.

But, this was a bit different. I liked the visual layout of the site and how I can make different Webmixes (think pages) for each topic or subject. “Humm”  I thought to myself. “This may be useful in my classroom.” After playing around with it for a bit I saved it on my bookmark tab and there it sat.

Now that Symbaloo and the Den got together and made their offer of SymballoEdu for us STAR DEN members. I thought I would give it a more in-depth look around. My vertict now? I REALLY like it! I still like how I can build a webmix for each content area. The ability to post/link/save multi-media on a webmix is very nice and useful. I like how my students can access this from home, the library, the lab, etc. I know that I have just scratched the surface of what I can do with Symbaloo when it comes to my students.

I have been watching the video tutorials and participating in the Symbaloo Certification program. If you complete the “course”  they will gift you an additional 6 months to reward you for becoming a brand ambassador for SymbalooEDU.  Thanks Symbaloo!



  1. Kimmie Fortelny said:

    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for this great post. Glad to hear that you are enjoying the webinars. We love getting feedback so let us know if you have any! It is the only way we can improve. Would love to hear what your students think once you introduce it to them so please update us.

    Kind regards,

    Team Symbaloo

  2. Joli Brock said:

    I really like SymbalooEDU…I use it in centers time so that I can assign a tab for each student and they have one oplace to go to any site I would liek for them to work on. I love the feature that you can embed videos and documents there too. I like the customizable center widget also, as ESL and bi-ligual students can make connections with the translator too 🙂 This is a littel more user friendly for younger students as you can customize the widget face. There are endless possibilities to what we can do to differentiate using this tool 🙂 I recommend getting certified in it also. Once I took their training, I saw so much more application to using Symbaloo.

  3. Elvira said:

    I enjoy using this great tool. I work at school and I can use my favorite sites at home and at school.Especially now that we see icon of every site we bookmark.

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