1. Bethany Arsenault said:

    WOW! I teach full day Kindergarten and I would LOVE for my students to receive iPads. I want to know everything about this classroom. How will they use them? What will homework look like? Will the special teachers have the students use them as well? How will the students use the camera feature?

  2. Roland Berube said:

    This is WORST idea I have ever heard of.
    5 YEAR OLD’S can’t even take care of them selves never mind a 500 dollar item. I will not even let MY 5 YEAR OLD grandson play with MY ipad by himself. The economy is in bad enough shape as it is, we don’t need to be spending this money we DON’T HAVE. A piece of paper and a crayon work just as well. It’s called imagination.

  3. tyler holland said:

    plz coin tact me im doing a report and need your help

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