The Needed Virus

Tuesday night, graciously sponsored “The Needed Virus” webinar featuring our very own, self-proclaimed DEN Princess, Porter Palmer. In case you missed it live, here it is.

But first… the enticing description!

The rapidly changing needs of the business world demand rapid changes in the way we teach students. Restructuring of teacher workdays and budget cuts reduce professional development time to a minimum. The answer: Enhanced use of forums, blogs, wikis, podcasts, Tweets, and educational communities for teachers to learn new skills with support from peer experts throughout the world. The model for professional development has changed without many of us realizing it or taking advantage of it. The advancement of Web 2.0 makes the opportunities for professional development easily accessible to even the most basic computer users.

Want to check out all of the resources mentioned? Follow this link to a list that includes the slides too!


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  1. Trina Springer said:

    Enjoyed! Thank you. Changing the way I look at my PNL.

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