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We will be further updating you with reactions, exciting finds, and wonderful happenings from the AZ K12 Center Mobile Learning Conference through the week, but you can easily explore what was going on by visiting the Mobile Learning experience Posterous or Twitter pages.

Tony Vincent created an easy blogging platform for all attendees to contribute to with Posterous and encouraged participants to share their notes and reactions, images, videos, audio samples, etc. on the blog.  Of course, like any aspiring game show host, he had an incentive: each time you blogged, your name would be entered to receive a new iPad2, but even without the incentive, people truly enjoyed sharing and value the ease of continuing to reference the site.

It was a good approach because instead of groups of peers collaborating on a Google Doc to take notes amongst themselves, everyone was publishing their notes and reactions to sessions in a public space where we could all benefit from them and comment upon them.  All we had to do was send our posting to the blog Posterous address as an email and once the moderator (Tony) approved it, it was live.

I hope people not lucky enough to attend are able to use the site to pick up new insights, app ideas, and contacts.


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