Start a project, make a ruckus!

Imagine that the world had no middleman, no publishers, no bosses, HR folks, no one telling you what you couldn’t do.

If you lived in that world, what would you do?

Go.  Do that.

In China, there’s a factory that can make the same widgets your company makes – for a tenth of the price.

The last travel agent has left the room.  Magazine publishers gave up all their growth to bloggers.  Wikipedia didn’t have to grab the reins of authority from the Encyclopedia Britannica; contributors just showed up and did the work.  Britannica staffers sat and watched.

The intermediaries and agenda setter and investors are less important than they have ever been before.  Last year, sixty-seven Web startups in San Francisco and New York were funded for what it costs Silicon Valley to fund a third of that number.

So, if money and access and organizational might aren’t the foundations of the connected economy, what is?


The above words are not mine.  They are Seth Godin’s from his book titled: Poke the Box.  A quick read that will get you thinking!



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  1. David Tebo said:

    Thanks for the book title. I look forward to reading it. One of the things I think that educators struggle with is innovation. I don’t know many teachers that went into the profession to change teaching or to “innovate” most went into it because they liked school, were good at school and enjoyed the current model. How do we change the overall culture to embrace innovation?

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