SOLs – Are You Ready?

MAY is coming and in the state of Virginia that means Standards of Learning FUN!!  Due to this I wanted to make this post about test preparation resources.   Below are a few I have found that I hope can help you.

BrainPop Webinar:  Test Prep Can Be Enjoyable?! With BrainPOP It Can!
Wednesday, April 13
4:30 pm EST

Know that sense of dread that fills the air when test time rolls around? There’s hope! Come get the lowdown on using BrainPOP to help students prepare for standardized test-taking. We’ve got a range of assessment tricks and tips that will make your life easier and turn that dread into fun!

The VSTE HotLink Project is an effort to share resources each month with the VSTE community using the Twitter social network. If you have a Twitter account already, it will be easy to contribute. If not, you can get one for free, or simply visit this page, where you can find the resources other VSTE members are sharing.

April’s focus will be Test Resources.
Questions are:
1. What are your best ideas for helping students prepare for standardized tests?
2. What resources do you find helpful for different grades?
3. What kinds of interactive activities do you use?
4. What learning strategies do you review with students to help them remember content?
5. Besides using websites with practice questions, what tools and strategies can help students learn?

Help teachers from all over Virginia and share your ideas and resources at the first opportunity, on April 15, 2011, using the hashtag #vstehotlink.

Below are a few additional places that  provide resources, online practice tests and paper tests.

Gloucester County Public Schools
This site gives multi-level and grade SOL practice test links, links to other school system tests, SOL review PowerPoints,  Exam View Tests, and so much more.  A great place to look around and find some treasures.

Dinwiddie High School Library
This site offers a variety of resources for students and teachers with links to rubrics, geography connects, webquests, games, and other resources.

Another great place for SOL review is the Quia Website. Quia is pronounced key-ah, and is short for Quintessential Instructional Archive. Quia provides a wide variety of tools, including, templates for creating 16 different types of online activities, including flash cards, word search, battleship, challenge board, and cloze exercises. Quia activities are designed with different learning styles in mind to suit the needs of all your students. If you wish to create your own online activities, there is a subscription fee. The good news is that Quia also has a shared activities area which is a great starting point for new users and it doesn’t cost anything. There are activities in more than 150 categories and all of the games were created by instructors using Quia’s templates.  Once you’ve accessed the shared activities area, conduct a search using keywords such as: VA SOL, SOL Review, Jamestown SOL etc…

Please share your favorite resources in the comment section.

Dani Hall
Instructional Technology Coordinator
Claremont Elementary School
Arlington, VA


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